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The Affected

Our local paper recently ran a series that they called “The Affected.”  This series highlighted different types of businesses and individuals that were profoundly affected by the COVID-19 response.  Churches were obviously in that category.  The Press did this story on Pastor Tony and Cornerstone Church as a part of this special series.

Sam to hike Mount Blanc

Sam is a genuinely kind soul that won’t let anything stand in his way.  Check out this article about his upcoming trip around Mount Blanc and the adversities he has overcome.
Way to go, Sam!

Cornerstone member recognized as critical ski patrol volunteer

We enjoy our coffee and doughnuts on Sunday mornings. Ron is part of the team that ensures that happens each week.  The Sheridan Press featured Ron in a story about his volunteer work for the skiing community and he made sure to mention Cornerstone.  Thanks for all you do, Ron!

Celebrate Recovery gathers stakeholders to battle opioids

Cornerstone Church had the privilege of hosting a training and networking event for agencies, ministries, counselors, medical professionals, and others fighting the abuse of opioids.  
Here is the full article from The Sheridan Press: